We are Becky and Lindsay, sisters and best friends. In October of 2017 and at the age of 37, Becky was diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. Immediately she began chemotherapy and it was all hands on deck to help support her family, especially her two young kids.

After discussion with her oncologist and learning more about the women who face the same challenge, the disparity within the healthcare system became apparent. Becky was lucky. She had great doctors, great insurance, access to a wonderful hospital, and an entire squad of friends, family, and acquaintances ready to help at a moment’s notice. This constant stream of support was essential in her battle with cancer and the positivity she has been able to maintain throughout the entire experience.

our mission

Welcome to treatment trunk. A service we started to pay forward the sense of community, support, and positive outlook our family so desperately needed during this challenging time. We are founded in family - by family - and know first-hand the importance of love, and what it means to be there even when you cannot.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Wayne Dyer