The first day of treatment is daunting. It’s exhausting because you haven’t slept. It’s terrifying because of the unknown. And at the end of the day, it’s cancer, so it sucks. But you sit down because you have to, and quickly you realize how uneventful it all is. We want to make that even the slightest bit more comfortable. By giving a bracelet to women on this day, we are letting them know they are not alone and that we have their back. They can wear it or give it away… whatever they choose to do with it, it is our gift to them.

xo Becky + Lindsay

what is f * c?

When Becky completed her final radiation treatment, the nurses asked if she would like to put her name on a leaf and add it to the “tree” in the hallway. It was another exclusive club she didn’t ask to be a part of but, in hindsight, was happy to be there. Asking the nurses if she could just write “FUCK CANCER”, they instead suggested an “f” a “star” and a “c” - they would know what she meant. So there it is, our little secret. Our way of saying FUCK YOU, CANCER, without having to be so outwardly crass.