one down…

The entire ethos behind treatment trunk is that no woman going through cancer treatment should feel alone. We want to give back the sense of community and support that Becky was lucky to have around.

Currently working with the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Center at Yale (where Becky was treated), we are gifting our bracelet to every woman on their first day of chemotherapy. We are selling our bracelets on our site so you, too, can show your support for someone you love facing the same battle. The entire proceeds from your purchase will go to helping another patient who could also use the love.

The first day of treatment is daunting. It’s exhausting because you haven’t slept. It’s terrifying because of the unknown. And at the end of the day, it’s cancer, so it sucks. But you sit down because you have to, and quickly you realize how uneventful it all is. We want to make that experience even the slightest bit more comfortable.

xo becky + lindsay