Becky is good to go: Surgery is Wednesday

I wanted to share a quick update before Bug heads into her bilateral mastectomy on Wednesday. She had her scans last Thursday, April 5th, to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread. She was super anxious leading up to them, being that they would ultimately tell her whether or not the chemo had done its job. Another shout-out to Smilow and its amazing team of nurses and technicians… they made the day informative and weirdly fun for Becky, Heather, my mom and me. She left being radioactive - literally, she was given a blue card like a permission slip letting the public know she was glowing (see picture). Friday the news came back that there was “no evidence of metastatic disease” … i.e., she was GOOD. Definitely a sigh and worth celebrating. A week later, she had an Echo to make sure her heart was good to go for surgery. And two days ago, Becky and I took all 4 of our children along with us for her pre-op appointment with the plastic surgeon. After the hospital we all went to the beach and sat there, Becky anxiously looking at her phone to see if the cardiologist had called with the results of the Echo. Finally, at 5:30 the call came that she was GOOD (double whammy!). We celebrated again. 

She has an amazing team who is going to take great care of her, I am certain of that. Surgery will be long (more than 8 hours) but is relatively routine. Her doctors are kind and smart and gentle — all the qualities you’d want for your sister. And as the doctor said, there is no safer place in a hospital than the O.R. It was the perfect thing to say to Becky 5 days before surgery.

So now it’s go time. Chemo is done (hallelujah!) and Becky’s mind is all Becky. She is a superhero heading into this massive surgery. I ask you all to think of her on Wednesday — several times maybe, since she’ll be in there for most of the day. Again, thank you thank you THANK YOU to all of you for being there for her during this hell, all of it’s appreciated.

Lindsay xoxox