Pathology is back...

This entry was supposed to be about how terrible post-operative drains are, how it feels to be almost split in two, and how my bilateral mastectomy has not traumatized me (well... besides the one first look in the mirror which took my breath away). But today was a great day. Being exactly 6 months from my first chemotherapy treatment on October 27th, makes it an even more awesome one. Lyn and I went to my post-op appointment with both my plastic surgeon, Dr. Avraham, and my breast surgeon, Dr. Chagpar. The drains were removed, everything is healing well... yadda yadda. Guys, I am cancer free. Let me say that again, I am 100% cancer free. 

We were not expecting pathology today, but received it with open arms. Dr. Chagpar read the results with the same respect and tone with which she read my prognosis. There were hugs all around (even for the random medical student sitting in on what she thought was just a regular post-op appointment). I cannot sing loudly enough from the rooftops how I feel about Smilow and Yale. It is a wonderful place, filled with wonderfully brilliant people, and a rockin' black bean quesadilla. 

To all of you -- thank you. The excitement I feel writing this and sharing the news is beyond my control. Not wanting to celebrate in front of the computer all night, I will sign off now and write more another day. In the meantime, I love you all, and please love each other too. 

Cancer. Free.